Have you ever thought about reinventing your practice?

We are in a defining moment in American health care. Physicians everywhere are facing the difficult choice between production medicine in a hospital system and maintaining their independence and creative freedom.

What would you change if you were not dependent on the payer system to sustain your practice and your financial future?

We created the Hint Health Direct Care Boot Camp Series to give doctors the tools and knowledge to maintain their independence.


Evaluating and Planning Your Practice Transformation

In this 8 week program on Evaluating and Planning Your Practice Transformation, you will get step by step guidance to a destination of informed readiness to reinvent your existing fee-for-service practice and contract directly with patients.

You’ll have reached educated conclusions about: 

  • Whether direct care is right for you, your staff, and your community
  • What services and technologies you would offer to attract patients willing to pay directly for your services
  • How you would promote yourself to new patients
  • Whether you should accept insurance and Medicare or opt out
  • How you should package and price your services
  • How to budget for your practice transformation and growth

To optimize the value and synergy of the group experience, Boot Camp is conducted in classes of no more than 20 practices. Each practice may include up to two additional people in the program in addition to the enrolled provider. New courses are initiated and launched each month.

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Boot Camp Faculty

What to Expect

The Boot Camp is an interactive education experience conducted in classes of no more than 20 practices that are all on the same journey at the same time. You will gain as much from the interaction with the other practices in the class as you will from the course content.

Each week will offer a one-hour live webinar (scheduled for Friday afternoon) followed by 30 minutes of Q&A. These sessions will be conducted live and recorded for you to access later for review if you wish.

You will receive an assortment of course materials along the way and will be given assignments to complete and review with fellow classmates as you build your practice transformation plan.

You, the Faculty, and your classmates will interact in an online forum for Boot Camp participants. In the end, you will emerge with clarity and a plan, created by you and ready to be executed.

Testimonials From Past Participants

"This was a fantastic course and I feel a must for anyone considering starting a DPC practice.  Thank you!"

- Emille Scott, MD

"Whether you are intested in exploring a new frontier in medicine or are looking to revamp your current practice, this is an excellent way to get started. Tom has a thorough review of the many aspects of practicing private medicine and learning from his experience is a great opportunity"

- Brieena Seefeld, MD

Boot Camp Contact Information

Any questions, please email us at bootcamp@hint.com