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Unlock Seamless Specialist Care with eConsult

With Hint's electronic consultation platform, you can easily initiate consults with a wide range of specialists, elevating patient outcomes and streamlining practice workflows.

$60 Per Case Per Specialist
Doctor on phone
eConsults Made Easy

Send a question to one or more specialists from Hint Clinical, phone, or computer.


Click the link in the text or email notification when the specialist responds and ask any follow up questions.


Hint eConsult will upload the documentation to Hint Clinical so that you can take the appropriate next steps with the patient.


Revolutionize Your Specialist Consult Workflow

By simplifying specialist interactions, Hint eConsult is able to reduce specialist response times, resolve patient cases without face-to-face visits saving patients time and money.

This innovative solution doesn't just streamline workflows, it transforms the way Direct Primary Care clinicians engage with specialists, ensuring rapid access to expert insights and fostering a collaborative community.       

Why You'll Love Hint eConsult


Expanded Access to Specialty Care

Access a wide range of Board-certified specialists and bypass traditional referral delays and paperwork.

Improved Care Coordination

Create and share care plans with specialists ensuring comprehensive and coordinated management of treatment plans.

Strengthened Patient Relationships

Hint eConsult eliminates referral paperwork, appointment delays while providing patients with better care and lower costs.


Simplify Patient Record Management 

Hint eConsult integrates seamlessly with Hint Clinical, automating post-consultation documentation upload. Ensure efficient recording of specialist interactions for a HIPAA-compliant, secure, comprehensive, and accessible patient history. All while reducing risk for all parties, improving decision-making time and reducing workflow management.


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Having the ability to send patient info to specialists at the point of care in-office not only improved our quality scores, but has allowed our practice to provide better overall care to our patient population."

Harris Cohen, MD
Hatboro Medical Associates

This is the most valuable product that we have added to our clinic in the past five years." 

Matt Dinsmore
CEO and Owner
Direct Primary Care

It's a wonderful product that offers an econsult where the family doctor can consult a specialist and get an answer within 24 hours to help us care for our patients."

Curtis Robinson, MD
Panoramic Medicine

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Dr. Sara Schuster

"HintAI gets me away from tedious typing and allows me to focus more fully on my patients. It gives me more time to think about my patients and their needs. It opens up more bandwidth to advocate for my patients after visits. This really takes DPC to the next level.”

Dr. Sara Schuster.
Strive Direct Health


Join the Hint eConsult Beta Program

Complete this form to request access to the Hint eConsult Beta.

The feature is free to add to your Hint Clinical account, then pay a low fee of $60 per case per specialist.