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Here is everything you need to know about Hint Health
including instructions to create your Hint account

Who is Hint Health?

Hint Health is a direct primary care focused company that offers the industry's leading membership management and billing automation solution. The Hint solution was designed from the ground up to completely automate the entire membership management and billing process - from enrollment through collections - for retail patients and employer relationships.  Hint Health supports hundreds of direct care providers and tens of thousands of patients nationwide.

Why do I need Hint?

Hint Health was asked by Liberty HealthShare to help support the operations of the Liberty Direct program by building features that help track and automate the Liberty Direct membership subsidy and payment processes, key capabilities that enable the Liberty Direct program to function.  Without these capabilities, Liberty HealthShare would not have been able to bring this innovative program to market. Hint Health made these investments because it aligns with our mission - to make it easy for providers to launch, manage, and grow a successful direct care business. Hint receives no compensation whatsoever from Liberty Direct or Liberty HealthShare.

Do I need to use Hint for all my memberships?

You only need to use Hint to manage your Liberty Direct program members.  Beyond that, you can decide if you want to use Hint's solution to automate membership management and billing for the balance of your practice.

What does Hint cost?

The total cost for Hint is about the same or less than the cost of credit card processing fees.  You can see our pricing here.

Do I need special hardware or software to use Hint?

No.  Hint is a cloud based solution.  All you need is a web browser and an internet connection to access your Hint account.

How does Hint support the Liberty Direct subsidy payment process?


What happens if my membership pricing is less than the Liberty Direct subsidy?

Liberty HealthShare will pay you the full subsidy amounts (below) regardless of your pricing.

Individuals: $60.00 per month
Couples: $80.00 per month
Families: $100 per month

How do I create my Hint account?

Click the link below to create your Hint account.  Please have the following information on hand (1) the bank account number and routing number for the account where you want membership fees deposited, and, (2) your tax ID.  Everything else is pretty straight forward.


Our team will automatically be alerted when you start your Hint account set-up process and will reach out if/when you need our assistance.

Still Have questions?

Contact us at info@hint.com or call one of our Liberty Direct specialists at 415-854-6391.
We're here to support your success with Liberty Direct!