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Direct Primary Care ecosystem.

HintOS is the Direct Primary Care software that powers the most successful DPC enterprises and connects them with the growing demand for affordable, high-quality care. We're on a mission to make DPC the new standard in healthcare.

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Independent DPC Practices

Build your practice on a solid foundation with time-saving DPC management tools and Hint partners to source more patients.

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DPC groups & networks

Scale with confidence. Run large DPC affiliate networks. Automate patient enrollment and employee eligibility data.

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Benefits Advisors & Employers

Discover and connect with the right DPC providers that are ready, able, and willing to work with employers of all sizes.

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Health Systems

Develop, launch, and scale a direct-pay strategy with Hint's expertise and industry-leading management software.

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Our customers are forward-thinking pioneers, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are taking Direct Primary Care to the masses.
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Grow like a pro

Helpful networking features of HintOS make it easier than ever to fill your practice with paying members.

Be a smooth operator

HintOS saves you time and money by eliminating countless admin-hours spent on DPC membership management and billing.

We've got your back

As a Hint customer, you'll receive the very best care — including free training and unlimited support from DPC experts who've seen it all.


Meet the only Direct Primary Care platform that connects you to the DPC Supply & Demand ecosystem, removes hours of tedious spreadsheeting, and seamlessly integrates with the best DPC clinical tools.

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HintOS is very flexible and powerful. We can create memberships that fit our demographics and style. It adapts to our unique needs.

Dr. Bruce Jung, The Doc Shoppe


It is incredibly valuable to show an employer how easy it is to partner with a direct care practice. HintOS makes that possible.

Dr. James Gaor, Halcyon Health DPC


Affiliating with other direct primary care practices is a win-win-win. Working together furthers all of our goals and the DPC movement.

Dr. Brie Seefeldt, Direct Osteopathic Primary Care

Let us earn your business

Our DPC specialists can help you figure out the best solution for your budget, needs, and goals. Just tell us a little about you, and we'll be in touch soon.