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Case Study

Benefits Advisor Elevates Modern Employee Healthcare with Direct Primary Care through Hint Connect

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Clinicians accessible by employees


Continuity of care for enrolled employees


States included by employees on plan


DPCs locations contracted in >1 mo


Employer-sponsored DPC has grown over 800% in the past 5 years, with thousands of businesses offering DPC to hundreds of thousands of employees.

Many small businesses work with just one DPC practice in their local market. However, larger businesses or those with geographically dispersed employees are challenged to find and contract with individual DPC providers.Many small businesses work with just one DPC practice in their local market. However, larger businesses or those with geographically dispersed employees are challenged to find and contract with individual DPC providers.

In this evolving landscape of employee healthcare, Benefits Advisor and President of BenEngage, Aaron Witwer, played a pivotal role in reshaping the healthcare narrative for a leading commercial real estate firm facing this challenge. Committed to meeting his client’s demand to provide nationwide DPC benefits to its employees, Aaron found a solution that would remove the burden of sourcing and qualifying individual DPC clinics across the nation. His introduction to and partnership with Hint Connect has transformed employee healthcare benefits.

Hint Connect is the easiest way to integrate DPC into any health plan. It's that one invoice, one billing, simple registration - making it easy for everyone."

Aaron Witwer
Benefits Advisor and President, BenEngage

The Challenge

As planning began for the 2024 benefits year, the employer was making changes to most parts of the plan. However, having already adopted Direct Primary Care (DPC), in previous years, there was no question that it needed to remain a priority for 2024. With his deep understanding of employee healthcare, Witwer sought a solution that would offer DPC across varied geographies, while keeping enrollment simple and ensuring a consistent experience for employees spanning 24 states. 

We absolutely had to keep DPC. We have to give people an option to enroll in DPC everywhere in the country if they want it."

Aaron Witwer
Benefits Advisor and President, BenEngage

The Solution

A Streamlined Nationwide DPC Enrollment with Hint Connect

Recognizing the complexities associated with nationwide DPC network contracting, implementation, enrollment, billing, and overall management, Witwer found Hint Connect, powered by Hint technology, as a potential solution to simplify nationwide DPC enrollment and coverage.

Hint Connect implements geographically diverse workforces of all sizes with DPC physicians across the country through one single contract. By standardizing the benefit and simplifying the process of finding and enrolling with a DPC, Hint Connect improves employee satisfaction and care utilization, tapping into a nationwide network of independent clinics.


Simplified DPC Enrollment & Integration

Witwer’s introduction of Hint Connect resulted in unified DPC benefits for employees spread throughout the country; it also ensured improved access for all employees with more than 350 clinicians in the Hint Connect platform.

Hint Connect enabled the business to successfully extend DPC coverage to an additional 85 employees nationwide, and seamlessly integrated into the business’s existing health plan infrastructure.

Hint Connect was the missing piece," said Witwer, envisioning a plan that enabled access to quality healthcare without the administrative hassles."

Aaron Witwer
Benefits Advisor and President, BenEngage

Aaron Witwer








Witwer's approach proves this is a modern solution for other benefits advisors seeking streamlined DPC integration, elevating the standard of care for employer-sponsored health benefits through a curated network of DPC clinicians.


Direct Primary Care

80% of healthcare needs can be accommodated through primary care.

Transforming Employee Health

Direct Primary Care (DPC) transforms primary care, enabling doctors to build trusting, enduring relationships with their patients. In the DPC model, clinicians are paid a recurring membership fee for all the primary care, wellness, chronic disease management, and urgent care needs of their patients. By taking fee-for-service payment out of the doctor-patient relationship, doctors can increase their time with individual patients and operate with significantly fewer overhead costs. Both patients and doctors love the DPC model, and employers are catching on, too.

Learn more at connect.hint.com.

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