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Introducing DPC affiliate networks

Now DPC networks can manage their affiliate operations at scale on HintOS. Hint will also connect independent DPCs to open, transparent DPC networks.


Scale your network

HintOS handles the most onerous and error-prone parts of affiliate management.

  •  Sync patient demographics from the network account to the affiliate account

  •  Auto-update affiliates with patient membership details and payment status

  •  Generate affiliate invoices calculate monthly fees owed by the network

  •  Free portal for all affiliate clinics that aren’t on HintOS

  •  Unlimited affiliates, employers, and members

  •  Hint connects networks with DPCs across the US that want to affiliate


WEBINAR: How to Run an Open, Transparent DPC Network
Recording available on demand

Speakers: Katie Harmon, Employer & Affiliate Manager at Nextera Healthcare; Alexa Schulte, Sr. Product Manager at Hint Health

Learn how Nextera Healthcare grows and manages its DPC network.
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Join a DPC network

Hint will help to connect you to DPC networks.

  •  Grow and diversify your patient panel

  •  New members with no extra marketing effort

  •  Reliable recurring revenue

  •  See all network members and invoices in your HintOS account


WEBINAR: What Joining a DPC Network Can Mean for You
Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 11AM PT

Speakers: Dr. Eric Crall, MyDPCdoc Family Medicine; Dr. Matthew Haden, PURE Primary Care; & Dr. Michael Bianco, Bianco Primary Care

Hear why these DPC docs joined DPC networks.Register

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