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DPC Networks

Meet the Operating System Designed for DPC at Scale

Only Hint enables the end-to-end automation and integration points that make managing your direct-to-employer contracts and affiliate management effortless. Hint has the tools to manage your affiliates whether you have one or hundreds, all in one place.

See how you can manage your geographically dispersed employer clients and affiliate business better with Hint.

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Hint Core helps you do more for patients and employers


Be ready to serve each and every employer accordingly

You’ve designed healthcare solutions that are custom to each employer’s needs since no two contracts are exactly the same. Your patients couldn’t be happier. The problem—scaling your model is hard and expensive.

How Hint helps

Only Hint gives you the flexibility to translate unique employer contract terms into automated billing rules that govern which services are included in each plan, who pays how much for ancillary charges, discounts, and much more—so you can scale faster, cheaper, and without limits.


Build affiliate relationships to serve dispersed populations

You’re in negotiations with a large employer who has major offices in Dallas and Houston, where you already operate clinics, but they have a handful of workers in San Antonio, Galveston, and Waco, where you have no clinics. The employer wants to offer the same benefits to all their employees. What do you do?

How Hint helps

With over 3,500 Hint-enabled direct care providers nationwide, our network development team will work with you to find suitable affiliates so that you can cost-effectively expand without the added brick and mortar costs and not lose employer contracts that require the same benefits for all their staff. Expand your footprint of care with Hint Connect.


Create a seamless, interconnected healthcare experience

“The defining part of Hint is the element of interconnectivity. Hint connects the dots throughout the entire ecosystem—finance, care navigation, etc. It reconciles all that.”

David Van Laecke, EVP Solutions Engineering at Proactive MD

How Hint helps

Hint Core integrates with your clinical and business tools—like athenaClinicals and Salesforce. You can also pipe real-time membership, payments, billing, and eligibility data anywhere you need it, so that your teams and patients are always operating off the same accurate information.


Case Study

Proactive MD: Getting Creative with Onsite/Near-site Employer Clinics

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Case Study

How Colorado’s Largest DPC Network Leveraged Technology to Break Through with Employers

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Always know who’s eligible, enrolled, and engaged

A doctor should never have to learn about eligibility management. For many direct-to-employer healthcare companies, keeping up with changes to employee eligibility is a top challenge—requiring manual, messy processes that waste staff time and invite costly human errors and lost revenue.

How Hint helps

Only Hint Core integrates with HRIS systems and TPAs to clean up and process those notoriously inconsistent census files. What once took dozens or even hundreds of hours, now takes mere seconds. Hint's Eligibility AutoSync™ feature automatically processes tens of thousands of daily changes to eligibility and personal information across all Hint Enterprise customers.


Access tools to boost enrollment for scale

"Hint has been integral to Nextera Healthcare, without Hint it would be very challenging for us to continue to scale as we're doing having the peace of mind of knowing that that backend detail is taken care of in a tremendously seamless manner is very important and meaningful to us. We very much feel supported by the Hint team."

Dr. Clint Flanagan, Nextera Healthcare

How Hint helps

Close more contracts and increase profitability with your employers by driving employee enrollment. As a Hint customer you'll have free access to DPC Accelerator, which features training and coaching designed to help you scale your DPC network business.


Hint has provided the kind of cost-effective infrastructure we need to take DPC to more employers and ultimately to more people across the country.”

Dr. Clint Flanagan
Founder & CEO, Nextera Healthcare
Boulder County, CO

There is no way to manage the number of affiliates and the number of patients that we take care of without Hint."

Dr. Joel Bessmer
CEO & Owner, Strada Healthcare
Omaha, NE

Start scaling your business today

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