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DPC Providers

Hint puts DPC admin on auto-pilot so you can focus on growth

No matter the stage you’re in with your transition to DPC, Hint Health adapts for you. If you’re just getting started or have had your DPC clinic for years; if you have an individual membership base, direct-to-employer base, or a combination, we have the solution for you.

See how you can easily manage membership and billing with Hint.

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Hint Core helps you do more for patients

Retail Membership Enrollment & Billing

Always know where your practice stands in real-time

Taking insurance out of the equation makes getting paid faster, but managing operations and invoicing is cumbersome and disorganization or lost data leads to lost revenue.

How Hint helps

Patient data, billing, invoicing and more all in one place. Secure & HIPAA compliant with the ability to easily track changes, handle multi-company files, complex plan designs, and custom fields.


Save time, money & find data easily

“It was taking my employee three-quarters of his time to keep up on the billing, the spreadsheets, invoicing, making sure that people had paid, and having all the data in one place where we can all see it was really getting hard.

So we made the decision to go with Hint and literally sent our spreadsheet over with most of our patient data and seamlessly within 7 days we were up and running. It’s made it so easy to do my billing and my invoicing. I have three-quarters of my employee’s time back and for what I’m paying Hint, I’m probably saving $30K per year.”

Dr. Cari Dawson
Colorado Center of Medical Excellence

How Hint helps

Administrative tasks on auto-pilot allows your staff to spend their time giving quality care to your patients and ensures that information is up-to-date and easily accessible.


Hint is like hiring an employee without hiring an employee."

Monica McKitterick
FNP-BC Owner
Impact Family Wellness
Cedar Park, TX

I can be the doctor and not have to worry about billing issues. Hint makes everything automatic."

John E. Thomas, MD
Owner, On Point Primary Care
Pueblo, CO

Encouragement, practical tools and wraparound support to develop my DPC practice and take us to the next level!”

Dr. Leto Quarles
Owner, Take Two Health
Boulder, CO

Start saving resources for your business today

Our DPC specialists can help you figure out the best solution for your budget, needs, and goals. Just tell us a little about you, and we’ll be in touch soon.