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$ 100 / month

Hint Core is the business platform for scaling direct care. Core securely handles the administration side of your business with membership-specific tools, features, and integrations built for direct care practices and organizations of all types and sizes.

Member Onboarding

Membership Management

Automated Billing

Practice Reporting

Employer Direct Contracting

Network Infrastructure

EMR Integrations

Member Portal

1 What best describes your practice?

Your Journey


Select the option that best describes where your practice is at. This allows us to identify the product tier for your practice.

I haven’t yet launched my practice

Practice launched and growing

Practice with a full patient panel

Multiple offices and providers

2 Which model best describes your practice?



Select the option that best describes your practice model.

Only pay via membership

Pay via membership or insurance

Pay via insurance and a membership

Pay direct for all services

Only pay via insurance

3 Select all of your current practice needs

Practice Needs


Select the options that best describe your practice needs. This allows us to identify the best product for your practice.

Create and manage patient plans

Detailed practice insights

Actively working with employers

Actively part of a network

Integrate with other technology
Plan includes three; Add more +$50/mo

Build & manage your own network
Requires Scale + $500/mo

4 How many members are currently enrolled in your practice?

Number of Members:


Use the slider to select your current panel size tier. In instances where your panel size is between two tiers, select the closest tier.

5 How much billed revenue would you like to include in your core plan?

Billed Revenue


Use the slider to select your current billed revenue. Billed revenue is the amount of money your practice expects to bill in a month as part of your normal operations. This includes membership revenue as well as the sale of ancillary goods and services. In instances where your billed revenue is between two tiers, select the closest tier.

Your Recommended Plan


Based on your inputs above, this is the recommnded plan for you. Contact the Hint team if you have questions about this plan.

Transaction Fees


Transaction fees are the expense that is paid to the credit card or ACH service provider each time a customer payment is processed electronically. Transaction fees are taken at time of the transaction.

Credit Card:

2.5% +30¢ (+ 1% surcharge for AMEX)


0.5% +25¢ ($5 cap per transaction)

Transaction fees are taken at the time of transaction



Overages are charges incurred when you exceed your contracted plan tiers, and charged in the rears. These can be based on additional members or additional billed revenue.





Overage fees are paid in arrears

Show Plan Features

Below is a list of all Core product features available by tier.

Features Growth Scale Enterprise
Unlimited clinicians
Branded online enrollment forms
Automated signup followup notifications
Bulk patient uploader
Digital document signing
Customized standard notifications
PDF invoices
Practice task management
Multiple signup pages
Automated dunning and revenue recovery
Patient self-serve portal
Managed employer enrollment
Flexible recurring billing dates
Charge for labs, medications, and ancillary services
Standard reporting
Custom email notifications
Charge tax and issue credits
Free affiliate portal
Branded employer portals
Priority support queue

Core GrowthScaleEnterprise

$100 / month

200 Members

$0 Revenue


When will I receive my first bill from Hint?

Billing will start on the effective date of your Hint agreement.

Typically this is the execution date of your contract unless otherwise stated in your agreement.

After I get started, can I change to a different Hint Core plan later?

Yes, you can contact support@hint.com to change your Hint Core plan at any point.

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