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Virtual-first Care

The future of primary care
runs on Hint

Hint is the only platform that eliminates complexity with direct-to-consumer membership management and effortlessly scales employer direct contracting for virtual-first healthcare models.

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Connect your virtual-first operation with a single source of truth—Hint Core


Offer innovative virtual-first plans to employers

You've designed a better way to deliver and pay for primary care. The problem? Making it work at scale.

How Hint helps

Hint gives you the flexibility to translate unique retail & employer plans into automated billing rules that govern which services are included in each plan, who pays how much for ancillary charges, and much more—so you can bring modern healthcare solutions to market with operational ease.

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Always know who’s eligible, enrolled, and engaged

For many direct-to-employer healthcare companies, keeping up with changes to employee eligibility is a top challenge—requiring manual, messy processes that waste staff time and invite costly human errors and lost revenue.

How Hint helps

The Eligibility AutoSync™ feature of Hint Core integrates with HRIS systems and TPAs to clean up and process those notoriously inconsistent census files. What once took a dedicated team dozens or hundreds of hours, now takes mere seconds.


Create a seamless, interconnected healthcare experience

“The defining part of Hint is the element of interconnectivity. Hint connects the dots throughout our entire ecosystem—finance, IT, care navigation, etc. Hint reconciles everything.”

David Van Laecke
EVP Solutions Engineering at Proactive MD

How Hint helps

Hint integrates with your clinical and business tools like athenaClinicals, Elation Health, and Salesforce. You can also pipe real-time membership, payments, billing, and eligibility data anywhere you need it, so that your teams and patients are always operating off the same accurate information.


Hint Summit Content

Get three insider perspectives on how virtual care, digital health, telemedicine, and data analytics can become a bigger part of healthcare's future.

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Case Study

Proactive MD: Getting Creative with Onsite/Near-site Employer Clinics

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Case Study

How Colorado’s Largest DPC Network Leveraged Technology to Break Through with Employers

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Partner with virtual-ready physicians across 48 states

COVID-19 has accelerated the shift toward virtual-first care models. The problem? Finding enough high-quality providers to meet the moment.

How Hint helps

Hint seamlessly connects you with a community of over 3,500 forward-thinking providers, many of whom have offered virtual care for years. Our network development team will work with you to find suitable affiliates so that you can cost-effectively expand your footprint of care.


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