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Avg. panel size for providers w/ 200+ patients


YOY growth in DPC clinic locations


States with at least one DPC practice

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care practices charge a flat recurring membership fee instead of billing insurance.

Practice medicine your way

Offer the medical services and patient experience that match your hippocratic values.

Escape fee-for-service

Free yourself from the vicious cycle of long hours and absurd requirements imposed by your FFS overlords.

Love being a doctor

Smaller panels ensure you have plenty of time for yourself and your patients.

Help your community

Make high-quality primary care accessible for the uninsured and under-insured members of your community.

Download the definitive guide to DPC

• Achieving the Quad-Aims with DPC
• Implementation models
• Benefits for Patients, Physicians, & Employers
• And much, much more


Pure DPC vs. Hybrid DPC

The two most common implementations of the DPC model are "Pure" and "Hybrid." Pure DPCs do not bill insurance for any patients. Hybrid practices have a mix of DPC and fee-for-service patients.


‘Pure’ DPC

Popular with new practices.


+Total freedom from fee-for-service

+More rewarding doctor-patient relationships

+Maximize time with patients

+Keep panel sizes small

+Lower labor costs

+Simplified clinical and administrative workflows


Can take longer to build a sustainable business

Expect a drop in revenue if converting from fee-for-service

Requires an investment to grow memberships

Hybrid DPC

Popular with practices that are transitioning from FFS to DPC.


+Little impact to short-term revenue

+Keep all your patients as you slowly convert to DPC

+Allows more time to fully transition to DPC


Higher clinical and administrative overhead costs

Need to maintain two billing systems

Still dealing with insurance companies

Harder to ensure DPC patients have a high-quality experience

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Dr. Garrison Bliss of BlissMD, Dr. Lisa Davidson of Insight Primary Care, and Dr. Ken Rictor of Genovo Health — share their stories about starting DPC practices: what motivated them, the challenges they faced in the beginning, and how the movement gained momentum.


Dr. Brieanna Seefeldt explains why her affiliation with the Nextera Healthcare Community is a win-win partnership.


Dr. Lisa Davidson on Harnessing the Power of DPC


What about insurance? Do patients still need it?

While DPC provides care without the need for insurance, we recommend that patients continue to have medical insurance for emergencies, hospitalizations and/or specialty care.

What should I include in my DPC memberships?

How you design your memberships are entirely up to you. Most DPCs offer unlimited office visits at no additional charge, same-day or next-day appointments, remote access (text, email and phone) and routine labs. Some DPCs offer different tiers that include more or less services, giving patients the option to receive more care all-inclusively depending on their needs.

Read the Milliman Study to learn more about DPC covered and non covered services.

Who uses direct primary care? What types of patients will I have?

The direct primary care movement is still in its infancy but it's growing fast and patients of all ages and backgrounds recognize the difference once they transition. Many DPC practices powered by Hint have a lot of members who are receiving DPC benefits through their employer or who are underinsured or uninsured.

From Hint’s analytics we’ve identified the following demographic data:

Average DPC member age: 45
Average number of members per family: 3
Average number of members per employer group: 12

How do patients get labs, prescriptions, inpatient service and other things I don't provide?

Most DPCs negotiate a cash rate with local lab vendors. Additionally, most states allow primary care doctors to prescribe medication in-house and pass wholesale prescription savings onto their members. Hint partners with fulfillment and dispensing solutions like Northwind Pharmacetuicals and FullScript to help you set up your clinic’s pharmacy. There are also other low cost mail order pharmacy services that can help you create a unique experience for your members. For speciality care, there is technology such as RubiconMD that can facilitate on-demand e-consults with specialists and Green Imaging for nationwide imaging services, to keep more care within the walls of the DPC clinic.