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Core + Clinical

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$ 375 / month

Combine the clinical power of Hint Clinical with the Core features that allow your Direct Primary Care practice to scale with employers. Hint Clinical is a platform that includes the functionality of a modern EMR, practice management, and patient communications while securely handling the administration side of your business with membership-specific tools, features, and integrations for scale.

Member Onboarding

Email, Text & Phone

Membership Management



Automated Billing

Bidirectional Labs

Practice Reporting

Electronic Forms

Employer Direct Contracting

Network Infrastructure

Member Portal

Number of Members: i

Enter the number of members that you would like to model with the Hint Core Pricing Calculator.

Members currently enrolled in your practice

Pre-Paid Revenue: i

Enter the amount of included billed revenue you would like to prepay at a discouned rate. Billed Revenue is the amount of money your practice expects to bill in a month as part of your normal operations. This includes membership revenue as well as the sale of ancillary goods and services. For any billed revenue over and above the prepaid amount, you will be charged at the base rate for that tier in arrears.

Pre-paid revenue included in your core plan


Hint Clinicians: i

Select the number of prescribing clinicians.

$275 clinician /mo (1 Included)

Core Growth

$ 375 / month
Additional Members : $0.50 / mo

Core Scale

$ 775 / month
Additional Members : $0.25 / mo

Core Enterprise

$ 5,275 / month
Additional Members : $0.10 / mo
*Hint payment includes your software fees, prepaid revenue and add-ons.

Prepaid Revenue


By pre-paying your monthly revenue billed through Hint, you are able to lock in a lower rate than paying as you go.



Select the Add-ons that you wish to include with the package.

Transaction Fees


Transaction fees are the expense that is paid to the credit card or ACH service provider each time a customer payment is processed electronically. Transaction fees are taken at time of the transaction.

Credit Card:

2.5% +30¢ (+ 1% surcharge for AMEX)


0.5% +25¢ ($5 cap per transaction)

Transaction fees are taken at the time of transaction

Show Plan Features

Hint Core + Clinical offers a suite of clinical and administration features to run and scale your practice.

Clinical Features
  • Multiple clinicians
  • ePrescribe and in-house dispensing
  • Patient onboarding
  • Intuitive patient charting and visit notes
  • Patient communications via email, text and phone
  • Integrated fax
  • Self-scheduling
  • Bidirectional lab ordering with auto-uploaded results
  • Practice reporting
  • Practice task management
Business Features
  • Patient Billing Portal
  • Complimentary website builder
  • Flexible billing periods
  • Bulk patient updates
  • Branded online enrollment for and automated signup followups
  • Multiple signup pages
  • Digital document signing
  • Support for payment by credit card and bank account
  • Unlimited custom pricing plans
  • Charge for labs, medications and ancillary services
  • Easy, automated PDF invoices
  • Automated dunning and revenue recovery
  • Custom email notifications
  • G-suite integration
  • Access to DPC Accelerator & Thrive Cohort
  • Hint Website Builder


Is there an onboarding fee?


Do I qualify for the 3 months free?

If you're a startup DPC or hybrid practice launching your clinic with Hint, you qualify for 3 free months of Hint Clinical + Core Growth.

What are the credit card and ACH processing fees?

Credit card fees are 2.5% +30¢ (+ 1% surcharge for AMEX), and the ACH processing fee is 0.5% +25¢ with a $5 cap per transaction. Transaction fees are taken at the time of the transaction.

When will I receive my first bill from Hint?

For new practices, we offer a free pre-enroll period to allow you to configure your account and get members signed up prior to your launch. We will not start billing until your launch date.

For existing practices, billing will start on the effective date of your contract with Hint.

Is there an additional cost for ePrescribe?

There is no additional cost for ePrescribe.

Is it possible to trial Clinical before purchasing?

Not at this time, but we do offer 3 months free for brand new startups.

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