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Big picture benefits.

Advanced Benefits works to deliver a technology-enabled, high-touch approach to benefits administration that fits the unique needs of employers.

Advanced benefits + hint connect

Clearwater and Hint are working together to expand the benefit of Direct Primary Care.

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Helping Businesses and Employees Thrive

As our trusted partner with a breadth of services to fit all your needs, Advanced Benefits works with employers to design and implement benefits plans that align with their goals to deliver valuable returns on investment now and into the future.

Advanced Benefits Services


Employee Benefit Programs

Meet the needs of your business and your employees with more choice and less compromise.

HR and Compliance

Effectively mitigate your risk with practical assessments, advanced proprietary technology and proactive solutions.

Corporate Wellbeing

Enhance your employees’ wellbeing through programs that increase morale, drive productivity, and deliver on your bottom line.

Advanced Benefits is always there when you need them. Very responsive and always with a great attitude no matter the request."


Why Hint

Why Hint Connect?

On Hint Connect, you have the autonomy to practice DPC based on your clinical expertise and relationship with your patients. Designed with input from clinicians, DPC networks, employers, and benefit advisors, Hint Connect can help you grow your practice through our relationships with larger, geographically diverse employers.

Free to Join
Hint Connect charges a flat PMPM for administrative services on top of the DPC fee. We do not take payment from DPCs or take a “cut” of the DPC fee.

Grow Your Panel
Hint Connect can help you grow your practice through our relationships with larger, geographically diverse employers.

Reduced Administration
Hint Connect will handle the sales, marketing and contracting with employers for your practice.

Join Hint Connect

Are you a clinician looking to fill your panel through employer-sponsored memberships? Fill out the form to the right to join the nation's largest DPC clinician network. 


Hint Connect will work on your behalf to market your practice and connect you with like-minded, mission-aligned sponsors and networks so you can focus on providing quality care to your members.