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Create Your DPC Website in 10 Minutes

DPC Spot's website templates are hand-designed for Direct Primary Care practices, are search-engine optimized out of the box, and integrate seamlessly with Hint.

DPC Spot + Hint
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Check "website" off your list with DPC Spot's easy-to-use templated designs.

Learn how you can create your website in 10 minutes.

Why you'll love DPC Spot


Built for DPC

DPC Spot's templates are tailored for DPC practices with ready-to-use pages and modules for membership info, services, and more.

Hosting Included

DPC Spot plans include fully-managed cloud hosting, ensuring your website is available at all times.

SEO and Mobile-Optimized

DPC Spot websites include dynamic, mobile-friendly design and state-of-the-art search engine optimization.

"As a physician transitioning into Direct Primary Care, DPC Spot was a lifesaver. Their platform enabled me to launch my practice website in less than a day, thanks to its pre-loaded content and user-friendly setup. Whenever I encountered issues, their responsive support team provided solutions within a day. For fellow physicians entering the DPC realm, I highly recommend DPC Spot for its seamless setup and ongoing support.”

Emily Zerba, D.O. 
Thrive Osteopathy + Direct Primary Care

Why Hint

Why Hint?

We’re on a mission to make Direct Primary Care the new standard in healthcare. Everything we do is focused on helping you maximize the impact that the DPC model can have on your patients, your business, and your community. The nation’s fastest growing DPC practices choose Hint to power their businesses because of our 3 core competencies.

Operational Efficiency:
The Hint Core platform automates tedious workflows and talks to your EHR and other systems, giving you more time with patients.

DPC Know-How:
No one can beat the level of customer care and expertise that we provide to ensure that you are successful with DPC.

Membership Growth:
Hint has unique features and exclusive partnerships designed to help you fill your practice with more paying members.

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