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Health Insights to Empower Your Practice

Enhance patient care and streamline operations using HealthBook+, the digital-first platform designed to elevate Direct Primary Care. 

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Why You'll Love HealthBook+


Streamline Services

HealthBook+ consolidates health data for a streamlined experience and supports collaboration for fewer medical errors and misdiagnoses.

Eliminate Redundancy

Our digital-first care platform streamlines healthcare experiences with a suite of easy-to-use tools for fewer redundant imaging tests, labs, and ER visits.

Easily Share Health Data

Improve access for providers with integrated, secure telehealth tools.
Healthbook+ mobile dashboard

HealthBook+ provides secure, instant access to comprehensive health data, AI-driven insights, and tailored patient engagement tools for more timely interventions and superior health outcomes.

Learn more from HealthBook+ CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Turner.

HealthBook+ boosts your practice’s efficiency through easy and secure access to all your patients’ health-related data, helpful AI-driven insights, enhanced communication, and the ability to provide relevant patient education. 

The platform also helps to build loyalty and retention as it empowers your patients to take charge of their health journey by giving them — and their families — frictionless access to immediate and personalized support.

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HealthBook+ Features

Helpful AI Driven Insights

Early intervention, focused monitoring and improvement in health outcomes.

Complete Medical Record

Easy access to records from all sources improves outcomes and empowers physicians.

Health Journal

Better understand patients and their daily routine, and track compliance with recommendations and medications.

Personal Guidance

Provide patients with effective communication, education, and preventative alerts.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Real-time alerts and insights into patient condition improves data driven clinical decision making and enhances patient engagement.

Document Center + Care Club

Quick access to critical documents like DNRs, HCPOAs, and Advanced Directives.

It's nearly impossible to get access to high quality mental health services for my patients. I love how efficient, accessible, and affordable Bruin's evidence-based mental health evaluation and care planning is for me to use with my patients."

Jeffrey Gold, MD
Gold Direct Care

Why Hint

Why Hint?

We’re on a mission to make Direct Primary Care the new standard in healthcare. Everything we do is focused on helping you maximize the impact that the DPC model can have on your patients, your business, and your community. The nation’s fastest growing DPC practices choose Hint to power their businesses because of our 3 core competencies.

Operational Efficiency:
The Hint Core platform automates tedious workflows and talks to your EHR and other systems, giving you more time with patients.

DPC Know-How:
No one can beat the level of customer care and expertise that we provide to ensure that you are successful with DPC.

Membership Growth:
Hint has unique features and exclusive partnerships designed to help you fill your practice with more paying members.

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