Welcome ElationEMR Clients

We're thrilled to offer you an exclusive, limited time promotion on Hint Health's industry leading Membership Management and Billing Automation Solution

The Promotion

From now until November 1st, 2015, Hint Health will waive our fees to perform a complete data migration including patient demographic, membership, and billing information from your current systems onto the Hint platform - a $500+ value.

The Power of the Hint-ElationEMR Platform

The Hint-Elation integration allows critical information to flow from Hint to ElationEMR, eliminating countless hours of unnecessary, redundant data entry and administrative work.  When a new membership is created in Hint, the chart is instantly created in ElationEMR including all relevant demographic and insurance information.  ElationEMR users can also see real-time membership status and outstanding balances in ElationEMR, eliminating the need to bounce back and fourth between multiple systems.

Why Clients Love Hint

Hint Health offers the first and only membership management and billing automation solution designed to meet the specific needs of direct care providers.  The Hint solution applies sophisticated workflow and process automation to solve billing and administrative problems that undermine direct care practice economic success.  By automating the membership management and billing process - from enrollment through collections - Hint significantly improves practice efficiency and eliminates errors that otherwise lead to growing accounts receivable and lost revenue.  Hint delivers measurable client impact by:

  • Reducing administration time and costs by over 80%

  • Reducing credit card and bank account charge failures

  • Increasing collections by over 10

In addition, Hint provides our clients access to partner programs that accelerate practice growth.  Check out our newest partner program - Liberty Direct - the first ACA compliant health insurance alternative that pays for the DPC membership fees for program members that belong to Liberty Direct affiliated DPC practices.

See Hint In Action

Hint Health Costs

With the exclusive ElationEMR promotion, new clients will incur no cost for Hint until such time that membership or point-of-service charges start processing through the Hint system.  There are no upfront costs, no implementation costs, no subscription costs.  

Hint's fee structure is simple: 1% of revenue plus merchant processing fees past along to you at cost, which are as follows:
- ACH Bank Transfers: 0.25% + .25c per transaction
- Credit cards: 2.0% + .30c per transaction
- American Express: 3.5% + .30c per transaction.

The total cost for Hint varies depending on the forms of payment your patients choose to pay with. The average total cost for Hint (the Hint fee + merchant processing costs) is usually about 2.8%, which, in our experience, is often less than what clients typically pay in merchant processing fees alone.

Getting Started With Hint

Getting started is simple and costs nothing.  If you think Hint is right for you, we invite you to go ahead and create your Hint account right now and start exploring the power of the Hint platform.  Just follow these simple account set-up instructions and our team will reach out to schedule a time to review your set-up, design your free data migration project and transition plan, and get you launched!

Hint Account Set-Up Instructions Use the invite code 'getstarted'

Interested, But Still Have Some Questions?

Give us a call on 415-854-6391, or email us at sales@hint.com.

We look forward to supporting the success of your direct care practice.