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Connecting DPC with More Employers

Health Rosetta is partnering with Hint to bring DPC organizations together with their national community of benefit advisors.
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Health Rosetta is a forward-thinking organization of healthcare experts and certified benefits advisors passionate about fixing the healthcare system. They're partnering with Hint to build and support a community of DPC organizations that share their passion to drive meaningful impact for employer sponsored benefit programs.

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The Right Benefit Advisor Community

Open & Transparent

The Health Rosetta advisor community believes in transparency, eliminating the middleman, and are incentivized to save their clients money and improve health outcomes. They are values-aligned with Hint and the broader DPC movement.

DPC is the Foundation

They value and respect DPC and know DPC is the necessary foundation for high performing employer benefit plans.

An Effective Approach

Employers that implement Health Rosetta benefits plans significantly outperform the status quo, reducing costs by 20%-40%, while increasing care quality.

The Health Rosetta-DPC Relationship

"DPC is the model of the future and a necessary foundation for delivering better health outcomes, and improving patient and physician experience. We’re looking forward to deepening our relationships with high performing DPC organizations who are leading the way."

Dave Chase, Health Rosetta

"Health Rosetta advisors get it … they understand the DPC movement and roll up their sleeves to collaborate on solutions that create the most impact for employers and their employees and our practices.”

Patrick Rohal, MD, CovenantMD

What Happens Next

We'll add you to the list of DPC practices interested in Health Rosetta's national DPC community.
At Hint Summit (April 26-27), Health Rosetta co-founders, Dave Chase and Sean Schantzen, and dozens of Health Rosetta benefits advisors will help us launch and shape this initiative with all of you.
If you can't make it to Hint Summit, we'll share formal next steps via email, our website, and blog.

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