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Hint + Health Systems
Enterprise grade security and compliance
Our robust security and compliance practices routinely pass scrutiny from top health systems across the country. We build on state of the art HIPAA-compliant services, and spare no expense when it it comes designing the most secure workflows for patient data on our platform.
Custom platform integrations
Hint’s API-first platform is designed from the ground up to foster a vibrant ecosystem of new technologies. Our team is dedicated to never letting technology prevent a team from realizing their dream.
Dedicated engineering services
Our entire team is committed to the success of our clients. We put our customers in the driver’s seat of our roadmap and prioritize features that deliver real value to real people. With Hint, you get much more than a product. You get a partner.

Let us earn your business

Our DPC specialists can help you figure out the best solution for your budget, needs, and goals. Just tell us a little about you, and we'll be in touch soon.