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A new kind of network is here

Direct Primary Care networks are bringing affordable, high-quality healthcare to large employers across the country. HintOS™ streamlines those connections by automating the flow of members, charges, payments, and eligibility updates across more than 20 networks and hundreds of independent practice affiliates. And Hint offers free matchmaking services to connect networks with prospective affiliates based on geography, services, and more.

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Scale your network

HintOS handles the most onerous and error-prone parts of affiliate management.

  • Sync patient demographics from the network account to the affiliate account
  • Auto-update affiliates with patient membership details and payment status
  • Generate affiliate invoices calculate monthly fees owed by the network
  • Free portal for all affiliate clinics that aren’t on HintOS
  • Unlimited affiliates, employers, and members
  • Hint connects networks with DPCs across the US that want to affiliate

Webinar: How to Run an Open, Transparent DPC Network

Speakers: Katie Harmon, Employer & Affiliate Manager at Nextera Healthcare; Alexa Schulte, Sr. Product Manager at Hint Health

Learn how Nextera Healthcare grows and manages its DPC network.

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Join a DPC network

Hint will help to connect you to DPC networks.

  • Grow and diversify your patient panel
  • New members with no extra marketing effort
  • Reliable recurring revenue
  • See all network members and invoices in your HintOS account

Webinar: What Joining a DPC Network Can Mean for You

Speakers: Dr. Eric Crall, MyDPCdoc Family Medicine; Dr. Matthew Haden, PURE Primary Care; & Dr. Michael Bianco, Bianco Primary

Hear why these DPC docs joined a DPC network

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DPC Networks FAQs

Are there any upfront fees to join a DPC network?

No. The fees associated with DPC networks come only when the DPC network sends patients to your practice. Typically the DPC network will take a small portion of the monthly membership for each patient. The amount varies and is negotiated between your practice and the network prior to signing your contract.

Does Hint provide DPC docs with a rough draft of an affiliate agreement?

No, Hint is not equipped to provide DPC doctors with legal advice. However, we have a list of legal counsel that we are happy to share. Contact our Practice Development Lead Lauren Tancredi at lauren@hint.com for more information.

Do most employer groups that contract with DPC networks provide health insurance in addition to DPC or are they primarily providing DPC only as a health benefit?

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we typically see smaller employers (<50 employees) providing DPC as the only benefit while larger employers (50-700) may provide DPC as part of a comprehensive package. The most successful, patient-centric, and cost-effective way to provide DPC is to center it in the benefits package. This means that the DPC provider is the first point of contact with the patient.

Will networks be able to pay affiliates through their HintOS account or will checks still need to be cut?

Currently networks will still need to cut checks to their affiliates. Payments through HintOS will be added in the future.

Do DPC networks have any EHR requirements or medical data sharing?

This will vary from one network to the next. Generally, larger employers will want more data from the network. As a result, the network may require affiliates who care for patients at these larger employers to provide utilization reports. Similarly, some DPC networks prefer all affiliates to use the same EHR while others do not have this requirement. When you affiliate with a DPC network, this should be one of the things you discuss.

Can non-insurance products like medical cost sharing be coupled with DPC within a DPC network?

Yes, and many DPC networks encourage their patients to enroll in a complementary product like a medical cost sharing community.

Run a DPC network

Whatever your vision or model, HintOS can help make it happen. Get the conversation started today.

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Join a DPC network

Team up with a physician-led DPC network and get new members without the sales and marketing lift.

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