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Get on the path to DPC success.

Hint helps independent primary care groups, innovative health systems, and integrated provider
networks build high-performing direct care businesses to transform local care delivery systems.

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Who we serve

Exploring DPC

Independent Primary Care

Turnkey solutions and powerful software to quickly plan, launch, and grow a new DPC practice or program


Strategic guidance, comprehensive services, and the enterprise-grade platform to make it all happen at scale

Doing DPC


Built-in solutions for membership growth and the integrated platform to take your existing DPC practice to the next level

DPC Affiliate

Network development services and powerful software to eliminate the costly, error-prone parts of network management

Our 4-step approach

  1. educate

    You’ll develop a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving DPC market, different operational models, proven best practices, and cutting edge strategies.

  2. design

    We’ll collaborate with you to create a comprehensive roadmap for your DPC program— including financial modeling, membership plan design, operational plan, consumer & employer marketing, and long-term growth strategies.

  3. execute

    We’ll work side-by side with you to implement your DPC roadmap and to successfully execute practice conversion, go-to-market, and growth initiatives.

  4. enhance

    We’ll leverage your new DPC program to create a local ecosystem of Direct Care specialists—enhancing your value by dramatically reducing downstream costs for your patients.

Enabling Solutions

Strategic consulting

We design, develop, and support proven, high-performing DPC models that are in demand by our buyer-side partners.

Enterprise-grade software

HintOS™ automates the unique requirements of DPC plan and network administration so you can keep overhead costs low, avoid costly mistakes, and spend more time with patients.


Enroll new members without spending more on marketing. Hint’s growth partners connect you with employers and consumers who are looking for high-performing DPC.


Our dedicated Network Development team matches DPC affiliate networks with DPC practices to fill geographic coverage gaps and create valuable new revenue streams.

Take the first step toward freedom from fee-for-service.

Our DPC specialists can help you figure out the best solution for your budget, needs, and goals. Contact us for a no-pressure conversation, and we’ll be in touch soon.