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tech for forward-thinking

HintOS™ is the HIPAA-compliant platform trusted by the largest and fastest-growing DPCs in the country because it is the only Direct Primary Care software solution that provides end-to-end automation of the million little things it takes to do DPC right.


Run a smooth operation.

Operating a Direct Primary Care practice is like running a health plan, and doing it well requires more than spreadsheets and a payment processor. HintOS helps you nail the fundamentals of DPC membership management.

Unlimited membership plans

Create as many membership plans as you need, with pricing based on employer, age, family size, and more.

Keep data updated everywhere

Automatically sync patient info to your EMR and your other clinical and business tools.

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Monitor growth trends, track payments & deposits, create reports by plan, employer, provider, location and more.


Keep up with enrollment & eligibility changes

Be confident you’re charging the correct amount

Get paid accurately and on time

Manage multiple locations with one platform

Track provider capacity

Control team access with advanced user permissioning


HintOS is crucial for what we need because we process over 300 membership changes per week. Our goal is to get as much information to the physician as quickly as we can so that that doctor-patient relationship is established.”

Derrick Palmer,
MyMD Connect

Take care of employers. Watch your practice thrive.

Practices that contract with employers have 3X more members than those that don’t.
But working with employers comes with unique challenges, like keeping up with an average of 50 membership changes per employer per month. That’s why we partnered with entrepreneurial DPC physicians to develop the HintOS Employer Engine™.
Hint data, 2019

Always know who’s active with Eligibility AutoSync™

Automatically process employee census files to keep eligibility and enrollment updated.

Maximize employee enrollments

Drive eligible employees to enroll in your practice with automatic email reminders.

Make it easy
on employers

Give employers an online portal to view & pay invoices and update enrollments.


Automate invoicing & payments

Create unlimited employer plans with built-in logic for easy workflows

Auto-notify employers of billing & membership events

Our very first employer group demonstrated that we needed new tech to keep up with enrollment, eligibility, billing, and member demographic data changes. Our decision to be proactive by purchasing HintOS has improved our overall productivity and revenue management.

Greg Badras,
SVP, IT & Compliance
Lagniappe Medical Centers

There is no way to manage the number of affiliates and the number of patients that we take care of without HintOS.”

Dr. Joel Bessmer
CEO & Owner
Strada Healthcare

Introducing new tools for DPC affiliate networks

Open and transparent networks are bringing DPC to every corner of the country. But finding high-quality affiliates, managing affiliate contracts, keeping membership data current, and ensuring that affiliates are paid accurately and on-time is a manual nightmare. Until now.

HintOS lets you manage affiliates, sync patient demographics, and auto-calculate monthly invoices with accuracy so that you can take DPC to the masses.

Keep patient data and membership status current

Patient data automatically flows between network and affiliate. Changes are auto-updated on both sides.

Accurately auto-calculate monthly invoices

Sayonara, spreadsheets.
HintOS runs complex logic to ensure that affiliates are paid accurately and on time.

Free affiliate network matchmaking

Our free Network Development program helps you find and connect with the right DPC growth partners.


Free portal for affiliates without HintOS

See provider capacity across affiliates

Accommodate custom affiliate terms with built-in logic

See what Strada Healthcare learned about running a DPC Network.

The spreadsheets were so time-consuming and wrought with error because we were learning along the way that I just needed the tool that would manage that for me.”

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Dr. Brieanna Seefeldt and the Nextera Healthcare Community enjoy a win-win partnership.

We started with just one family. Then it doubled the next month, and then it doubled the next month.

Watch the video (2:17)


Products & Pricing


Designed for DPC start-ups and smaller practices that need reliable practice management tools for retail memberships. 1 Location
Up to 3 Providers
$50 monthly minimum


/ member

+Transaction fees*

Designed for a single-location practices that need more scalable ways to manage relationships with local employers. 1 Location
Up to 5 Providers
$250 monthly minimum


/ member

+Transaction fees*



Designed for the needs of multi-location groups that require more robust customization, automation, and reporting tools. 3 Location
Up to 10 Providers
$750 monthly minimum


/ member

+Transaction fees*



Designed for the unique needs of large Direct Care enterprises that operate affiliate networks and/or require a fully customizable operational platform that scales with their business Unlimited Locations
Unlimited Providers
Unlimited DPC Network Affiliates

Custom Pricing


Take the first step toward stress-free DPC.

Our DPC specialists can help you figure out the best HintOS plan for your budget, needs, and goals. Contact us for a no-pressure conversation, and we’ll be in touch soon.