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Greater than the sum of its parts

HintOS integrations let you choose the advanced tools you need to power your practice, and have them work together in seamless harmony.

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Snap together a perfect mix

Instantly connect best-in-class tools through your Hint account to create a fully integrated solution that fits your practice.

How it works


Hint makes patient demographic data available to all partners through a secure data sharing framework.


Partner tools can read and push changes to this data, allowing multiple systems to stay synchronized with Hint's central platform.

Imagine updating a patient’s phone number in your EHR and seeing that change reflected at the front-desk seconds later.

A superior patient experience

Patient enrolls online through Hint
Patient enrolls online through Hint

A chart is automatically created in your EHR
A chart is automatically created in your EHR

Patient receives welcome text from your communications app
Patient receives welcome text from your communications app

Credit card is charged and they are completely onboard
Credit card is charged and they are completely onboard

A Day With Hint Connect

A tool for every need

Clinical Records (EHRs)

Clinical records are essential for building rich patient relationships. These EHRs have tailored offerings specifically designed for the needs of Direct Care.

Patient Communications

An effective communication strategy can make you a hometown hero, especially during those scary after-hours emergencies. These tools help you make a plan and stick to it.

Virtual Care

High quality virtual care teams enable DPC organizations to scale patient support services faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiting and hiring.


Perform advanced analytics across your entire panel with these advanced, user friendly tools.


Accounting tools give DPC organizations a full picture of their revenue and expenses, with deposit and charge item data directly synced from HintOS.

Medical Inventory Management

Save time with enterprise-grade inventory management designed specifically for medical supplies.

In-house Dispense

In states where it’s legal, in-office medication dispensing can save your patients a lot of time and money.


Enterprise clients can leverage advanced CRM platforms for large scale consumer and employer acquisition programs. 

Connected Devices

Stream live data straight into your clinical tools with remote management solutions.



Partners featuring InstantOn can be connected with a single button directly from your Hint account.

Premium Integration

Premium Integration

These tech partners are fully integrated with HintOS, which enables the smoothest possible user experience for you and your staff.

  • Two-way data synchronization

    Patient updates and interactions pushed back into your Hint account.

  • In-context data display

    Hint information overlaid on patient profiles inside the tool.

  • Sync Status

    Detailed updates on the status of the integration.

  • Inter-app links

    Hyperlinks that let you follow a patient from system to system with a single click.

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