The foundation of a new model

Direct Care removes all intermediaries between a provider and their patients, giving providers new choices and responsibilities. The Hint platform was built to manage both in the most scalable way.

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A new paradigm

We believe Direct Care will transform healthcare. But it needs a different technology approach to get there. Otherwise, the administrative challenges inherent in the model can overwhelm providers and distract them from their patients. These providers need powerful workflow automation to manage the business while they focus exclusively on delivering great care.

On such an important mission, these providers shouldn’t be slowed down by software either. Once they’re finally freed to choose technologies that benefit patients, not payers, their existing systems shouldn’t be built on proprietary standards that prevent them from adopting the best new tools as they grow.






Patient Communications


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Future Tools
Direct Care Administration

Direct Care Administration






So an ideal Direct Care Administration platform should combine powerful business automation with a suite of plug-and-play connections to the most innovative health tech offerings. This is what we’ve built at Hint.

A new toolkit

The Hint platform was designed to manage a new set of administrative challenges that arise when patient relationships become the center of operations. These include:

Sophisticated plan design

  • Flexible billing cycles
  • Bulk payment options
  • Group discounting
  • Family rate rules
  • Mid-month cancellations and refunds *

Patient onboarding

  • Online enrollment forms
  • Membership plan tips and guidance *

Billing and collections

  • Monthly invoicing and billing
  • Charge failure follow up

Transparent patient communication

  • Invoicing
  • Receipts
  • Payment reminders
  • Virtual visit invitations
  • Tracking and history *

Profits & Losses accounting

  • Bad debt reports
  • Billed vs. Booked revenue tracking
  • Utilization management *
  • Revenue recognition *

Employer management

  • Employer invoicing
  • Contract management *
  • Financial success reports *
  • Utilization reports *

Eligibility management

  • Eligibility lists management
  • Front office dashboards

Inventory management

  • Automatic supply levels (based on invoicing)
  • Restock reminders *

Cross-tool data synchronization

  • Patient profile syncing
  • Automated workflows
  • Utilization data management*
* Roadmap

A new foundation

Direct Care providers have unprecedented freedom to customize their practice and their technology around the patient experience. Unshackled from old world requirements of meaningful use and mandated reporting, they are finally free to pick technologies that work for them.

This freedom has unleashed an explosion of health tech innovation. New tools are released every year, and established companies race to develop streamlined offerings that accommodate the unique requirements of Direct Care. This trend will only accelerate as the industry wakes up to this new paradigm.

A new foundation

As a provider, the best way to manage these unending choices is an open platform that can easily connect with future systems. This allows you to incorporate the best new tools into your practice without disturbing the underlying business process or patient experience. Your practice gets continuously better, never dated.

This is the power of building on a Direct Care Administration platform.

Don’t grow it alone

Leveraging an effective Direct Care Administration platform is the best way to run a lean practice while keeping the focus on health outcomes for your patients.

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