Direct Care comes in several forms, but shares common challenges when it comes to efficiently and cost-effectively managing the unique requirements of patient and employer membership, retainer, and PMPM/PEPM revenue cycle process management.

The Hint Platform was purpose built to enable Direct Care providers to:

  • Automate the Direct Care billing cycle from end to end
  • Eliminate manual tasks that undermine collections
  • Free up significant time and resources for patient care
  • Enable Direct Care entities to rapidly grow, cost effectively

Direct Primary Care

Concierge Medicine

Direct Care Networks

Employer Clinics

Management Companies

Hint Provider

Mission control where you can set-up, configure, and automate billing and charge processing for a wide range of membership and cash fee-for-service pricing and payment arrangements for both patients and employers.

Hint Patient

A suite of highly customizable, personalized, client branded patient communication and engagement tools that deliver the information and alerts patients need to enroll, pay and update their accounts.  Hint Patient reduces failed charge instances, minimizes accounts receivable, at the same time reducing administrative work.

Hint Employer

A full suite of process automation tools that allow you to onboard employer clients and easily manage the changing dynamics of a wide range of employer-specific contracting arrangements. 

Hint Network

A robust feature set for multi-provider, multi-location, and affiliate network provider organizations that automates and tracks patient and employee enrollment and billing across numerous locations.

Hint Connect

A growing ecosystem of Hint integrated third-party applications from the Hint Partner Network including Direct Care relevant EMRs, Inventory Management Systems, Patient Engagement Tools and more that you can instantly “snap together” to create a full suite of seamlessly connected, best-in-class solutions to support your unique practice model.