The Advantages of Best of Breed Solutions

The ‘best-of-breed’ technology approach offers a much-needed alternative to healthcare’s longstanding dependence on insufficient all-in-one systems.  Direct Care organizations reap more benefits from best-of-breed solutions that can be custom configured to meet their unique needs including:

  • Automating management of sophisticated consumer and employer membership plans

  • Expanding patient access and enabling collaborative care

  • Improving compliance and outcomes outside of office visits

Hint Connect is the only Direct Care solution ecosystem that allows provider organizations to instantly snap together a dream team of proven, industry-leading applications into complete, fully integrated solutions that function seamlessly together.

Explore our Hint Connect partners below and contact us to discuss what the right combination is for your organization.

Used by physicians to manage every aspects of patient care, Elation is an intuitive, easy to use EMR solution that helps you quickly find, digest, and act upon relevant clinical information to care for your patients.  Our integration with Elation will automatically create and synchronize patient demographic, membership, and insurance information created in Hint, with Elation

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Twine is a collaborative care platform that helps providers improve outcomes, reduce office visits, and lower costs.  Twine will automatically import Hint providers (as Twine coaches) and patients. When creating or updating a patient in Hint, a corresponding Twine patient will be immediately created or updated as follows: 1) Unconfirmed or pending patients in Hint will be ignored. 2) Active or unpaid will become active in Twine. 3) Inactive or deleted patients in Hint become archived in Twine. 

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Spruce is a comprehensive patient engagement platform, designed for practices committed to delivering standout patient experiences. A shared team inbox powers all patient messaging and telemedicine, from text messages to virtual visits. The consolidation of communication keeps teams on the same page and enables practices to work more efficiently than ever before. Our integration with Spruce will automatically sync patient information between the systems. 

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MDScripts is an industry leading dispensing platform that provides the comprehensive set of tools you need to manage your in-office dispensary. From single-practitioner locations to multi-state enterprise health organizations, their scalable solutions meets a variety of clinical needs.

Our integration with MDScripts will automatically sync patient information between the systems and any charges that are generated will seamlessly be pushed to Hint. 

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Hale is a remote care platform that lets clinical teams streamline triage, automate follow-up and increase practice capacity while delivering an incredible patient experience. Our free telemedicine tools connect providers and patients to secure messaging, live video visits, photo sharing and more. Hale offers you a way to provide great care for your patients, wherever they happen to be. Hale integrate seamlessly with Hint Health – this integration will automatically create accounts for patients of connected providers in Hale.

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Twistle is a health care communications platform with built-in, automated workflows for improved efficiency and patient outcomes.  This integration will automatically create accounts for your practice's patients on Twistle. 

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MD HQ focuses specifically on direct pay, cash-based, and functional medicine practices and have the tools and flexibility to help your innovative practice thrive.

Learn more here.

FlexScanMD provides medical practices with comprehensive inventory management and Rx label printing.  The integration will automatically pull basic patient demographics from Hint to FlexScanMD and push charges for dispensed medications/products from FlexScanMD to Hint. Any new patients added to Hint will seamlessly flow over to FlexScanMD behind the scenes.

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EligibleAPI allows you to automatically retrieve and verify insurance information and eligibility directly within Hint.

Cyph is a hyper-secure, HIPAA compliant communications platform that lets you do simple video, voice and text virtual visits with your patients, all without downloading any software at all.  Just click a button and Cyph takes care of the rest.  

Learn more about Cyph here.

Each of Hint’s partners is solely responsible for their service, content and policies, including those related to privacy and security. Please review each partner’s Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy to ensure they meet your business and legal requirements.

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